Friday, January 29, 2010

Character Building

wow 5 days! I need to get better at this whole blogging deal! So Thursday I had my first Hewbrew test! I already know the whole alefbet and can read and write, all that in 5 days!!! to celebrate my friends and I went to the club Disco Teca to dance the night away! Even though we had a late night of dancing we all managed to get up bright and early to visit Jaffa. Jaffa is this gorgeous old city with amazing beaches, views, and buildings. While walking along the beach I was finding tons of sea glass and I tried to collect it all like I used to when I was younger. We went to the flea market and I bought a necklace that I haggled down to 35 shekels from 60 shekels. I played the sympathy card and said I was a student and broke out my best puppy dog eyes :) While we were in Jaffa we tried some authentic Israeli cuisine at Dr Shukuash (most likely spelled wrong). Shukuash is a poached egg with tomato sauce and spices eaten with bread. Lets just say I am going to stick with pita and hummus. On our return from Jaffa we accidentally got on the wrong bus. The second we boarded all of the passengers knew we were lost and immediately started whispering about us in Hebrew. When we realized our mistake we got off the bus only to realize we were in the sketchy part of town and a few israelis started whistling and yelling at us. Our real bus could not have come any sooner! There is a small cold going through the entire OSP program and everyone is sick including me :( So I might take it easy tonight so I can enjoy a whole day at the beach tomorrow, since its supposed to be 80!!! be jealous Iowa/Boston!!!

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  1. I'm sooo jealous! Can I have a piece of sea glass? pretty please?