Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pirate Scarf!!!

So this past week hasnt been the most exciting because starting Friday night my cold took over and I could barely survive!!! My cough barely sounded human and my nose was running a marathon! Its been very unfortunate because Saturday I didnt do any exploring and just tried to rest up! As for the week, Ulpan started up again sunday and Im learning quite a bit of Hebrew. It just sucks that I have some not so intelligent people in my class who keep us from learning beyond a preschool pace. Yesterday was my suitemate Melissa's 21st BDAY!!!!! We had a super fun day which started at an artists shuk, and continued to the normal shuk, where I bought this awesome orange scarf that I wore today pirate style! Many people told me I looked very Israeli with it and I was thrilled!!! After the shuk we had champagne on the beach and watched the sunset while jamming to some music! Very cool! the sunset was gorgeous and it felt unreal. We finished off the night with a Thai dinner that was delicious and so filling! I ate way too much and still felt full this morning! This weekend I have plans to experience Shabbat in Jerusalem with my friends sharon, annemarie and oliver. It will be very interesting experiencing such a serious part of the jewish religion in the holiest city in the world. Its also rumored to snow which I heard is when Jerusalem is at its best! I will be sure to take lots of pictures! Til then I will just post this picture I took of Tel Aviv from Yafo!

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