Thursday, January 21, 2010

First few days

So I have arrived in Israel. I'm posting some pics of my room (clearly Im not unpacked yet) and the view outside my cab. I was super jet lagged yesterday and have been constantly napping. The internet is not the strongest so my pics may not be loading. So far the food here is pretty tasty (yay hummus!) but I was not expecting the Hebrew overload. I know nothing and I can't read signs or communicate and I feel dumb asking for people to talk to me in English because I can feel the American hatred. The program at Tel Aviv University is pretty large, and I have been meeting alot of new people but I also have been sticking pretty close to my engineering group. There are only 10 non Jews in the whole group so its weird being the minority. There are alot of snobby rich kids so I will have to find my people, I know there are some out there!!! I have a bowling event tomorrow, can't wait to show my skills and maybe beat my high score of 63! haha Also, we have some get to know you party tomorrow night so hopefully I will meet some new people.


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