Sunday, January 24, 2010

alef bet vet, alef bet vet

So it has a been a few days since I have last updated, and quite a bit has happened. First I'm slowly learning how to live with my curly hair, but I'm not looking or feeling good about it. I went bowling, which I soon discovered that Israeli bowing is the same as American bowling, except that I win! Yay for new high score! Thursday night everyone went out and our suite was looking pretty fly.
The next day I went exploring with my friend Lauren. We found this HUGE park that had rock climbing walls, soccer games, birthday parties galore, and a river for boating. We stumbled upon what we thought was a playground, but it turned out to be an outdoor public gym where you can lift weights and such. Lauren decided she was going to stop quick to pump some iron. Also in the park was this huge circle of people dancing the same moves over and over to song after song, I wanted to join in but I realized I was already getting dirty looks from people for using my camera during shabbat when you are not supposed to use electronics. Today I started my hebrew classes. I learned a whole 5 letters of the alphabet and was already assigned a good 1 or 2 of homework all due tomorrow! Eeeek who knew studying abroad actually meant having to study?????

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