Sunday, February 28, 2010


I know 2 posts in one day!!!! Im feeling ambitious (or Im just procrastinating my engineering homework :) )

So last night was Purim. In very simple terms its like a Jewish Halloween. But Purim is actually a religious holiday with a significant story involving a lady named Ester but Im not really sure of the details. All I know is its actually a good deed to dress up and get drunk on Purim so you can't tell who anyone really is. Crazy right? Anyways last night I dressed up as Tiger Lily from Peter Pan, a whole group of us had a Peter Pan theme going. We started off at a Purim party sponsored by Jeff Seidel (the religious guy who took us to Tzfat) it was pretty fun and we had free food and everyone was in costume. After that we went to a street party in Tel Aviv. It was insane. The streets were packed, and there was African music playing, cheering, raging, dancing, and a lot of chaos. There were so many people, and everyone was happy and having a good time. We walked around for a while taking it all in and danced to the African drums! It was quite an experience!!!

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